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Enviro Concepts is your partner in Waste Water Management, Wash Effluent Discharge and Water Purification. We have developed, designed and implemented successful solutions for the waste water industry in Australia for more than a decade. Our services include design, Manufacturing, Installation, Commissioning and maintenance on all types of Water and Waste Water Treatment Systems. Our objective is to build packaged water management solutions to help our clients reduce water costs and also meet their environmental and trade waste requirements.
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water filteration
Selecting the correct filtration or recycle system for your wash bay wastewater treatment needs is critical. EnviroConcept ensure a thorough reviewLearn More
Trade waste systems
EnviroConcepts has developed mining equipment wash systems for some of the largest companies in the business.Learn More
Dissolved Air Floatation Systems
The EcoDAF (Dissolved air flotation Unit or DAF) clarifies water and waste waters by removing suspended solids, oils, grease and other matter. Learn More
Reverse osmosis
EnviroConcepts car wash systems are designed to meet your needs. All EnivroConcepts systems are are EPA compliant.Learn More
Oily Water Separators
EnviroConcepts is Australia’s leading supplier of Oil Water Separator (OWS) Systems to the Commercial Mining sector.We also supplyLearn More
EnviroConcepts wash pads are made from hot dip galvanized steel, and are designed to be completely portable.Learn More
Portable Wash Pads
Here at Enviro-concepts, we don’t subscribe to the notion that getting the correct washing system for your unique needs Learn More
Small Equipment Wash
Enviro Concept provide a range of small equipment wash systems to meet your needs,budget and also help you become compliant. we have systems that recycle 100%. Learn More

Project Case Studies

  • AQIS Quarantine Washbay and Water Treatment

AQIS Quarantine Washbay and Water Treatment

Our client, who is contracted by a major Australian freight company had a requirement for an Australian Quarantine Inspection Services (AQIS) approved washbay. There were 3 primary requirements that this client gave us:

AQIS has […]

  • Contaminated Storm Water Treatment and Reuse

Contaminated Storm Water Treatment and Reuse

Our client, is an aluminum smelting plant and was collecting surface water runoff with high levels of contaminants in their 4 Million Litre stormwater collection pond. The agreement with EPA local authorities allowed them to discharge water at a cost, as […]

Latest News

  • Abattoir Wastewater Treatment

Abattoir Wastewater Treatment

  • April 14th, 2016

The Australian red meat processing industry is a significant consumer of fresh water and a high producer of wastewater. […]

  • Particle Filtration & Media Filters

Particle Filtration & Media Filters

  • April 7th, 2016

Water filtration systems can differ based on incoming effluent and the purity required of the output water. Two types […]